New ideas moving forwardWeek twelve of 2015

New ideas moving forward
Week twelve of 2015

One thing is to write a book and then go off and do a free promotion, but it’s an entirely different game to actually sell it and get people to pay for it. So far (since March 16th) after the free promotion ended, I’ve sold 7 copies… I need to figure...
Aftermath of the book launchWeek eleven of 2015

Aftermath of the book launch
Week eleven of 2015

I wanted to talked to about what has happened after I launched my book. And let me tell you, this week has been quite amazing from what I’m used to. I ended up with 450+ free downloads during the free promotion and got 2 five star reviews on Amazon! Got a some...
Week nine of 2015 – Setting Short-term Goals

Week nine of 2015 – Setting Short-term Goals

Not really a summary of my week this time, but I wanted to share with you my new goals. They are more detailed than I’ve done before and they’re focused on generating a passive income. I will most likely continue to work on them as time goes by to improve...