First I need apologise to you for not posting for the journal part last week. Been spending a lot of time finishing the article 12 Gurus Got 5 Questions About How They Set Their Rate. So glad for all the work I put into the article, cause I think it turned out great. And from the response from everyone else it seems like it hit home with you as well.

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WEEK 18 and 19

My head has been totally overloaded lately. For one, the article needed to be finished and I needed to get it out there. It was important to me in many ways, so it has been fun and stressful, but so happy I followed through on this one.

Apart from that, I got only two larger projects going, both old deals so money wise not that great. I just make sure I get to implement a lot of my new processes as I work with the clients. Small steps all the time, like planting small seeds and later they will grow to be a part how I do business.

Lately I’ve been trying to figure out how I can productize my personal business (SYFR – Set Your Freelance Rate) and my regular business (KISSmedia/WPaftercare). I think I’ve landed on some idea to combine KISSmedia and WPaftercare as a maintenance/content update/strategy consulting package on a recurring basis. The target I have in mind is small businesses that run a WordPress site with 1-3 employees. They have little or no knowledge about how to market themselves on digital platforms and they can’t afford to hire a full-time employee in this area.

I have almost read through Jeff Walker’s book “Launch” and I’ve decided to do a relaunch of my book “What The Hell Do I Charge As A Freelancer?”. I’m going to update the book with some new content, address some new topics that I’ve learnt from you, move away from Amazon’s KDP Select program as I feel disconnected from those of you who buy the book. I might do a pre-order with some additional bonus and discounted price for a limited time. So that’s my initial plan for SYFR, but if it all goes well I will most likely start writing on my next book.

Progress and a clearer picture

I really feel like things are moving forward and I’m starting to get clearer picture of my businesses and what I want them to be. I just wish I more time (don’t we all?) to spend ON my business. The two projects takes up quite some time and with my part-time, family and general house maintenance, time needs to be effectively planned.

As always get my book if you would like to learn how to set your rate with confidence and get paid what your worth in no more than 45 minutes.

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Get The Book for no more than a Grande Latte!

You guys rock, talk to you next week!

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