Email Marketing 101

Duration: 30 minutes 34 seconds

It can be overwhelming simply getting started with email marketing, but in this mini course you’ll get some great tips on how to get started, and what to think about.


Module 1 : The 3 best ways to build your email list

Lesson 1 – Lead Magnets
Lesson 2 – Content Upgrades
Lesson 3 – Email Mini Course

5 minutes 54 seconds


Module 2 : What to do after subscribers joined your email list

Lesson 1 – Delivery of lead magnet, content upgrade or email course
Lesson 2 – Welcome Sequence
Lesson 3 – Nurturing Sequence
Lesson 4 – Sales Sequence

5 minutes 30 seconds


Module 3 : What happens after you’ve welcomed your new subscribers

Lesson 1 – How often? What to write? What format?
Lesson 2 – Common Objections
Lesson 3 – What platforms I recommend

19 minutes 15 seconds

Ken Westgaard

Email Marketing Strategist

A lot of experts out there is always talking about the big advanced stuff, but what most of them seems to forget is how it was when they first started with email marketing.

So I’ve decided to teach you the basics. We can dig into the advanced stuff later, but unless you understand the basics the advanced stuff don’t help much.