Last week I attended my first meeting with my local Chamber of Commerce. It was a great experience and it went better than what I had anticipated. Been though week mentally and I’ve fallen behind on some work. I’ve taken a closer look at Drip this week as well. And as special treat, Kurt Elster has hooked you up with a $20 discount on Drop Profits! Sign up to claim your $20 discount in the box to the right.



A rather slow week for me. Been a bit mentally drained and I need to get back in focus. So I decided to get myself some notebooks to get myself away from the computer. And to empty my brain so to speak. Often when I’m out walking and listening to podcast, great ideas pops into my head and I never write them down anywhere. I don’t like to use my iPhone for this, I’m old fashioned that way I guess. So a little notebook is in my pocket (with a pen) so I can write down what ever comes to mind. I bought a bigger one as well for more detailed ideas. Usually I sit down with this to clear my head for about an hour or so couple of times a week.

Got a lot of catching up to do this next week, so I made a to-do list for each day this coming week with just a couple of task each day. That way it won’t get too much and it’s doable.

Been looking into email marketing and landed on Drip after joining Philip Morgan’s Dripsherpa mailing list and getting Drip Profits. I also managed to get 30 minute free consultation with Philip on how to use Drip. Awesome guy and he helped with getting started. From the looks of it, Drip seems like a really powerful email marketing tool.

At the meeting with my local Chamber of Commerce I connected with three people. My goal for these meeting is to not sell anything, just make new connection and figure out what they struggle with when it comes to marketing through the web

If you would like to learn more about how you can make profits by using Drip I highly recommend checking out Drip Profits created by my online friends Kurt Elster and Chad Fullerton.

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You guys rock, talk to you next week!

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