Vacation time so I haven’t been as productive as I should have been. But fear not my friend, I’m back. This is a summary of the last three weeks and I’ve had a aha moment, been in Spain at a wedding, written my first chapter for the re-launch of my book and possible a new client. Have you had a aha moment, were suddenly everything made sense just like that? Please share in the comment below!



Wrote the first chapter for the re-launch of my book. I will be posting it later, but for now I’ve only shared it with those who are on my mailing list.

I went to a summer party for the Chamber of Commerce. That was definitely a new experience. To be honest I was feeling really out of my element. It felt so unnatural to walk up to someone you don’t know who are and to engage an conversation with  them as well. But I did stuck it through and met a few very interesting people and with time I will feel more comfortable with this. Let’s face it , everybody was there for the same reason…to network and to meet new people. Still scary as hell to begin with though.

I had to get some small jobs done before leaving to Spain, one of them I did for free as the client had given me some great input towards the new service I’m working on.

Strangely enough I had an epiphany before I left about what I want to focus on as niche (not talking about target market, still working on that…)! Weirdest thing and I don’t know why I haven’t thought about this before, but CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization). I made so much sense when I finally figured this out, I mean it’s strategy, result-based, easier to use value-based fees. And marketing wise as well, so much clearer. I still offer building a new website if that necessary to get the result the clients needs, but the focus, oh man such a relief.



Nice with some vacation time in Altea, Spain. I spent very little time on my phone and no time on the computer although I brought it along. Truth be told I had my hands full when my wife was the maid of honor and there was A LOT of things that needed to be set up for what would be one amazing wedding. As long as there was something to cool down with after all of the hard work I was happy as a monkey.

The place was this amazing villa, were they had the ceremony and the party. Some of their closest friends and family stay there as well, including my wife and myself. It was really hot and sunny with over 30 degrees celsius, but I’m not complaining. We had some great tapas and drinks, but the best part was a guy called Pablo Bloom. He was responsible for keeping the guest entertained in between the ceremony and dinner when the happy couple went of to be photographed. He kept in going for two hours straight in this heat with an outstanding show! If you ever go to Benidorm, Spain look this guy up and go to one of his shows, you want regret it, I promise!



Trying to catch up with what I missed the week before. Had a few mails to sort through, some small updates here and there.

Got a meeting coming up next week with a client that has showed some interest in my new and upcoming service. I sent him an initial email and ask for his input, and now that I’ve got a clearer view of what this service will be and we can dive a bit deeper. I fix his website for no charged before I went on my vacation and now he wanted do add some new employees, etc and he mentioned that he has a new client for me. Don’t know who or what this entails, but obviously I’ve triggered something with this client with my recent actions.

Got approached by another agency this week as well, said he wanted to met to see if we could possibly work together. I’m always up for making new connections, but I’ll move along with caution as I in general don’t work for any agency anymore. A friendly chat doesn’t hurt anyone though.

Next week it’s time for my second quarter review.


This week I wanted to share a video by Gary Vaynerchuk with you. You all know Gary, awesome guy! He talks about taking action and making every minute of your day count.

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by Gary Vaynerchuk

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You’re awesome, see you next week!

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