I talked to Simon Kelly from Renegade Empire this week. I got down some outlines for some possible new chapters for the 2nd edition of my book. I’ve decided that I’m going to stop taking on work for friends and family. I’ve updated my goals, so they are more inline with where my business is heading. I also read a great article by Brennan Dunn this week.



Like I mentioned I chatted with Simon and we talked for about an hour about pretty much anything. I love these talks, cause they put things in perspective really. One thing that struck me was when Simon said that he’s been doing his thing for six years now and how he was amazed that I’ve only been at it for a couple of years. I realised that I’ve accomplished a lot in just these last 6-8 months compared to what a lot of others spent years on to be where they are. I’m nowhere close to being where I want to be…yet. But the point is, I’m on the right path and I’ve gotten further than many other freelancers. And for the most part I’ve been doing it part-time as well, although I feel I could have spent my time better, I do use my time effectively.

I tried to record our session, but unfortunately I didn’t know I had to download an extension to record computer audio…so no sound from Simon, just me. I used Screenflow to record our Skype call, and the recording was good. If anything, I got a 20GB file to play around with in edit mode.

So the work of a 2nd edition of my book is about to start. I’ve written down some topics that I might put in there after getting some feedback from you. I would love to get your opinion on these topics, so please, just hit me with an email at ken@kenwestgaard.com.

These are the topics I’ve been thinking about

  • Confidence to charge more, or the lack of it
  • Monthly recurring revenue
  • Have enough savings or you get desperate
  • It’s normal to start out low – it’s actually healthy
  • How do you convince your clients what you’re worth
  • Free or low rate to build your portfolio
  • Low priced clients set the bar for their referrals – hard to raise your price
  • Try to charge more than your comfortable with
  • Charge for results – if changes, renegotiate
  • Get over your own fear of asking for higher rate
  • Take baby-steps


Soooo… not taking on work for friends or family. I love my friends and family, but with my limited time and to keep myself sane I figured that it’s best for me to just say no. It just ends up being pushed to the side, since I often have paying clients that need my attention more. And I end up having to do these things in final hour. I’m off course talking about free stuff, but maybe when things are more stable who knows.

This week I wanted to share a great article from Brennan Dunn! It’s a huge one and he really went out of his way to write this. I recommend you read if your are a full-time freelancers who want to shore up your business, if you have just begun (or are about to begin) running your freelancing business full-time, or if you’re thinking about it or want to at least start doing side gigs.

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by Brennan Dunn

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Brennan get this question a lot…
“If you could start over… with no network, no «name», nothing. Just a laptop, and maybe $1,000 in seed money… what would you do?”


As always get my book if you would like to learn how to set your rate with confidence and get paid what your worth in no more than 45 minutes.

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Get The Book for no more than a Grande Latte!

You guys rock, talk to you next week!

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