WOW! The response on my article 12 Gurus Got 5 Questions About How They Set Their Rate has been of the charts! I got a smashing 10,000 visits the first day and that broke the server. So how do I follow up such a great success?! I have been thinking about writing an article on exactly how everything went from start to finish about that article. BUT what I would really like is to hear from you. What would you like to read about or learn more about?


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I put together a survey for one of my clients just before last weekend. That proved to be quite a valuable experience, not only for me, but for the client as well. Getting feedback directly from the source is very powerful and it’ll help us create their website to meet their customers pains and problems.


An interesting thought I had the other day was about how much my process has changed. With the same client I have had around 7 meetings and we have yet to begun on the actual work on programming the website. It’s been all about gathering intel to build a proper strategy, creating content, etc. Normally I would have started putting it all together after the first meeting. I have to say, the new way feels so much more right to me.


I met with two other norwegian guys who are $10k Bootcamp Graduates, this week. It’s so cool to meet someone who know exactly what I’m talking about and who doesn’t live thousands of miles from here for a change. Don’t get me wrong, I love connecting with people from all over the globe!


Joining the local Chamber of Commerce

I’ve decided to join the local Chamber of Commerce and attend their monthly meetings to expand my network, and hopefully gain some knowledge about what kind of pains and problems the other businesses struggle with regarding digital marketing or marketing in general.


My friend “The Lawyer” has been circling on these meeting for quite a while now and he’s starting to see the benefits from that now. So I’m taking his advice on making this commitment, and to not make it about sales, but connecting. I got a couple of great tips from WPelevation, just click the link below.

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Read «5 Secrets To Freelance Networking Success» on how you can get the most out of attending your local Chamber of Commerce courtesy of WPelevation.

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One extra piece of good advice is, ask the person you’re talking to for their business card first. That way you seem genuinely interested in their business. Sure enough they would like to get yours too, win-win!


As always get my book if you would like to learn how to set your rate with confidence and get paid what your worth in no more than 45 minutes.

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You guys rock, talk to you next week!

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