So I finally got around to watching the recording of the $10K Bootcamp meetup that they had in Denver at the end of January 2015. Some really great stuff in those videos and I SO wish I could have been there, but that will have to wait until I can afford, but I definitely will head over one day.

But the thing I wanted to talk about was a presentation from Phil Lockwood. What struck a chord with me in his presentation was that he got up at 4am to be more productive and starting his morning routine. Stefan Pylarinos also talks a lot about his as well. Check out his morning routine video down below. So let’s dive in, shall we? 🙂


Morning View Routine is going to be my name for it. Why? The name comes from Incubus critically acclaimed fourth studio album called… “Morning View”. The album, the recording, the imagery, the music, the songs, the lyrics, the band, it all represents what I would like to feel in a perfect morning.

Now it might be totally different for you and that’s okay. We’re all different, you need to figure out what works for you.

You might wonder why I want to do this. Well, I have figured out that I’m not so productive in the evening anymore, and I often end up surfing the web and get nothing done. Reason? Tired after working a full day, getting the kids, making dinner, spend time with the kids and getting them to bed. Then I end up goin to bed late, like 1am… I also know that I’m more productive in the morning, but I’ve used the kids as an excuse to not do a morning routine.

This way I will get more productive, I’ll get to exercise, get a great start on the morning and have 2 productive hours before anybody else wakes up. 🙂

I haven’t set this up yet, but I written down a draft of what my morning will look like and what I need to do in order to do this.

What I need to do

I need to write more on my mission statements and future goals. I also need to write down more affirmations. When I have everything written down I want to record this in a way where I’m speaking to myself so that I can put on to my iPhone. It should last around 20 minutes or so, maybe in a loop. I’ll have to wait and see how long it takes to record it.

To get up a 4am I need to put everything ready in front of my bed, like clothes, shoes, etc. This way it’s easier to get started. And to get up at 4am, I have to go to bed at around 9-10pm, no later.

The routine

So here’s the routine I have planned out so far:

  • Get up at 4am
  • Get dressed for my morning workout
  • Get on my bike (or run if the weather doesn’t allow it) for about 20 minutes
  • Listen to my recording while biking, or running
  • Find a spot where I can take a 5 minute break while listening to Aqueous Transmission from Incubus
  • I’ll take one picture each time I’m out and post it somewhere, to make gallery for inspiration
  • Then I’ll head back and take a shower
  • Sit down to get work done until everyone else get up
  • Eat breakfast with the kids and my wife
  • Get myself ready for my regular day job
  • The rest of the day goes as planned, but making sure I get to bed at a reasonable time, 9-10pm

That’s it

I got a good feeling about this and those couple of hours amount to 10 hours on weekdays!

Do you have a morning routine? Would love to hear about it! And tell me how it’s working for you!


Weekly Valuable Share

Stefan Pylarinos is great at personal development and has a morning routine that he shared on YouTube. It’s a long one, but if you’ll stick with it I know you’ll get some great value out of it.

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My New Morning Routine

How To Be Even More Productive, Happy And Healthy Everyday

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You’re awesome, see you next week!

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