Had a great talk with Kenn Schroder again, he has moved over to the states for the summer. We agreed to join forces and to do a joint launch together after the summer. As the introvert I am, I’ve been pushing myself lately. And Kurt Elster is out with yet another product! Worth checking out.




So after a slow week I got really focus at as usual I made a to-do list with no more than 2-3 task per day. It worked really well and I was very productive.

I want to talk a bit more about  what Kenn an I were discussing. We agreed that we’ll both work on out books during the next 12 weeks or so and to make them better by adding new stuff to them. And then we are doing a launch together some time after the summer. I’ve been going through some comments and feedback and one thing that clearly stood out when it comes to setting your rates is the lack of confidence of following through on a lot of the advise you read out there. Next week I’ll have some more new chapters outline and so does Kenn. If you haven’t checked out his book, you should. It’s called Get Web Design Clients Galore (affilate link).

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been pushing myself to get out of my comfort zone as the introvert I am. I’ve been asking people that I’ve been interacting with online to get on Skype for a quick chat. No podcast stuff, but this is not something I’ve been super comfortable doing in the past, I tend to get stressed and flustered and often I don’t get right words across. But practice makes master, right?

I hadn’t been doing Skype before I joined the $10k Bootcamp where I had no choice because of the group sessions. Since then I’ve gradually been doing it more and more and if people ask me I accept. It’s been a great experience so far, I’ve talked to Kenn Schroder, Jonathan Hinshaw and Philip Morgan. I got a upcoming call with Simon Kelly from Australia who runs Renegade Empire, looking forward to that as well!

My buddy Kurt Elster is really on fire BTW. He says “After the success of Drip Profits, I was challenged to write a book for freelancers. Here it is: Email Templates for Freelancers – Save time, decrease response times, and even fight scope creep.” So go ahead and check it out, I bought it and it’s some real gems in there. Kurt is truly the unspoken King of Email Marketing, if you ask me.

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Email Templates for Freelancers

Save time, decrease response times, and even fight scope creep

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Download his 37 page, 3,400 word guide to successful email templates for freelancers, with copy & paste email templates for handling dozens of situations right now.


As always get my book if you would like to learn how to set your rate with confidence and get paid what your worth in no more than 45 minutes.

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Get The Book for no more than a Grande Latte!

You guys rock, talk to you next week!

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