Summer is over, at least on my part. And it has been nice to get some time off with the family, but I have also been working a lot. Both on my part-time job as well as with my business.  To be honest I feel a bad for not keeping this journal up to date. I would love to hear about your summer though! What have you been up to, any great wins? Either comment or send me an email at


WEEK 28 – 31

So where do I begin… Well I was supposed to write my quarterly review, but I haven’t gotten around to that. And I need to review my past months to get that overview of what I have accomplished. So I suppose that would be next on my agenda.

One of the reasons I haven’t been keeping this journal up to date is because of some financial issues, so I decided to get an financial advisor to help. My accountant told me I owed $3000 in taxes from last year and that threw me a bit off, cause I had been so sure that I had paid all that I needed. But according to the accountant I hadn’t paid taxes for the period I was home on parental leave with my son (you get monetary support from the state). So safe to say that put a dark cloud over my summer.

Just a week ago though I got some good news. Turns out I didn’t owe any taxes after all, I was getting $350 back instead! So obviously my accountant had miscalculated my taxes. But I still going to get financial advise to make sure I don’t put myself in this situation. And it has been a bit relieving to get someone from the outside to help you.

Like I mentioned early this summer, I figured out what I want to focus on, what my niche will be. Conversion Optimization. And that sparked a total redesign of my website, social profiles and messaging in general. I spent a lot the summer doing this. I been doing more of the right things this time around. I packaged my offers into 4 different tiers, range from low cost website teardown to a high end full fledged digital marketing overhaul. I also offer stuff for free, even without email sign up through the business blog (only 2 articles so far) and Facebook page, as well as offering a email course to grow that mailing list.

Planning on doing an intro video for the site and I’m going to put together workshops where I work with 5 people and their website and digital marketing strategy. The email course needs to be written up, I’ve just recently begun writing on it. But as you can tell, I got a lot of things going on.

All of this work has lead me to be less focused on this journal and writing on my book. And it bugs me, cause I want to release a new version of the book in about a month. It’s going to be really good and I got some other stuff planned as well around SYFR (Set Your Freelance Rate). I don’t want to delay the book, so I need to put in some time towards writing.

I also put together a Mastermind group about a month ago. We have had two meetings so far, and I’m looking forward to see where this will lead us. It with tow guys from Down Under. Simon Kelly from Renegade Empire and Bin Teo.


Like I said though, it’s been nice to spend some time with the family, so I thought I share some summer moments with you.

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Another great thing I wanted to share is a podcast from Philip Morgan. Philip is great, love listening to him! He talks about being an expert in your field, and how you shouldn’t doubt yourself.

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How Do You Know If You’re Really an Expert?

by Philip Morgan

Originally found at

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You’re awesome, see you next week!

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