This week has been not so productive with 2 days at a seminar for my part-time job and a sick 2 year old little boy… On the other hand I’ve had time to think about how I’m not taking action. I suck at it actually! And I connected with an awesome guy, Clinton Warren!

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I realised that I need to work on something entirely different. I have spent so much time on educating and gaining more knowledge all to invest in myself. Which is great, by all means! But none of that matters if I don’t take any action.

A couple of weeks ago I came across Clint Warren on twitter. Clinton runs a successful web-agency called Stacked, so he’s in the same industry as myself.  What grabbed my attention was that he was an ex-con and I thought, WOW that pretty awesome! So I had to check out his story and it was truly inspiring to read about his near death experience and how he was facing 7 years in prison. Despite all of that he still managed to break free from his bad habits and build a successful business.

Why am I talking about Clint you might wonder, well that’s because of his short video about the word ‘should’. You know when you keep saying you should do this and you should do that, but you end up doing neither of them. I highly recommend you watch his video, so that’s why i’ve added it for you right here.

You can read the original article on his website. I also suggest you go and check out his other articles.

I’m also reading a couple books on mental training/coaching now as a result from reading about Clint and watching a TV-show with Erik Bertrand Larssen (norwegian mental coach). It’s about making small changes in the way you think in your every day life, and with time those changes will have a great impact in your life.

Can’t seem to find an english version of his book, but I do suggest downloading a condensed version of Tony Robbins | Re-Awaken The Giant Within for free.

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Taking action

This is what I need and going to work on in the next month. If you got any good tips on how to take action, I would love to hear about it!

Got any question, just ask, I’ll be happy to answer! See you again next week!

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