Due to easter I didn’t post anything the previous week. I took some time of to spend it with my family and relax a bit. This week I’ve been working on putting together a maintenance offer. I decided to called it WPaftercare. The idea is that what happens to your WordPress website after it’s been launched. Often you’re left on your own and you end up spending time doing things you probably know very little about. And your time is valuable, don’t waste it.

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WEEK 14-15

I came across this amazing webinar from Troy Dean at WPelevation together with goWP on selling WordPress maintenance plans. If you’re looking to getting some recurring revenue I highly recommend you watch it, and stick around for QA and the end. http://www.wpelevation.com/2015/04/selling-wordpress-maintenance-plans/

After watching the webinar I decided to take action and create a maintenance offer based on this webinar. I’ve created WPaftercare, it’s in norwegian for now, but I’ll be putting up an international version later. Check it out here, http://wpaftercare.com or the norwegian version here, http://wpaftercare.no

More next week

That’s all I got and I promise to be back on track next week. I got a bunch of ideas in Trello that could potentially be good for my business, just need to sort through them.

And as always get my book if you would like to learn how to set your rate with confidence and get paid what your worth in no more than 45 minutes.

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All right, talk to you next week!

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