Week one and two of 2015

As promised I would keep a journal on a weekly basis. It will contain my thougts, accomplishments and failures through out the week. It feels good to get started again, and I’m excited to get started with all of the new ideas for this year! It’s going to be one hell of a 2015!


Needless to say the first week I didn’t do much since it still was on vacation with my family, but I feel perfectly fine with that. After all one of my personal goal this year is to spend more quality time with my wife and kids. However I did manage to get time to write my review for 2014 which you might have read already. If you missed it, you can find it here: http://kenwestgaard.com/2014-uphill-battle/


I had good start this week, motivation was on top and was looking forward to getting back to normal days. I’ve had two full days available to focus on my business, the rest of the week has been before work or after the kids has gone to bed.

I’ve kept a todo list all week which has been helpful to sort out what needed my attention after my vacation. I got two ongoing web projects at the moment that I needed to follow up on. One of them is a loosing project (I quoted this before the $10k Bootcamp), so I need to wrap this one up asap. On the other project I have outsourced quite a bit, but still need to just get this one wrapped up too.

I have to mention one thing about the outsourcing though. I’ve worked with this guys earlier too, but kept noticing how he was portrating him self in the emails. There was so much focus on the technical bits and kept thinking to myself – I just need you to do this and I don’t care how you do it.

Everything was screaming commodity!

I planned on getting around to write an email to all og my previous clients to tell them about the new direction I’m taking. The email is ready to be sent out next week! Excited to see the respons, if any… you never know.

I got one last payment for VAT that I owe from 2013, what a relief. Looks like the last VAT payment for 2014 is going work out as well. Taxes for 2013 and 2014 has been paid in full. So it looks like 2015 is going to have a clean start, which has been very important for me. It’s a pain to know that you’re behind on both taxes and VAT.

This week has also been the start of 3 months course over at Freelancelift. This month it’s about finding your target market or «dream client» so to speak. I got more info on this next week.

Ended this week talking to a client that I managed to convince taking another route regarding his website. Instead of doing a full redesign, we’re just going to work with the one he got and improve it. This is not an ideal client to be honest, so the less I have to deal with this, the better.

These post will probably be better as I get more used to writing them, but it’s a start and hopefully you find them useful is some kind of way. I’ll setup a mailing list so that you’ll be able to get notified when I post. Oh, and I wanna say thank you to all the awesome respons I’ve gotten on my review post! You guys are amazing and I really appreciate all of your kind words!

Got any question, just ask, I’ll be happy to answer! See you again next week!

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