This week I got to start testing out my discovery method with a client. Going to be exciting to see how this will change my entire process and end result. The client is very positive and clearly see the potential that they are missing out on. And that we can make a great impact on their current revenue.

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I started my first discovery meeting with a client this week. Finally I get a chance to try this method! I would say the first meeting was quite successful, got a lot of good and valuable information for further progress. I feel that I picked out a few good question for the initial meeting and we went deeper on some of them as well. Although I know that the meeting went on a bit too long, so some changes needs to be made. But HEY, it works really well!

I also scheduled the two next meetings straight away. The second one was on friday where we went deeper into their customer profiles. This was a bit harder then what I thought it would be. It was new for me, but also for the client. So it was a challenge to really get this working the way I wanted, but I will improve on this.

I had a meeting with one of the members from the Facebook group I mentioned last week. This was more of a meet and greet thing, but I got out there and made a new business relation. Very positive person and I love that spirit!

I decided that I would sit down a go through some mental training exercises and the first bit is a lot about writing things down so that you can repeat these thing s to yourself in a morning ritual. It also involved writing down goals, but starting with the vision and work your way backwards. That was very useful and set some things in perspective.

I relaunched my website (again…) to make sure that it focuses on consultancy, not freelancing or web design. Only made the norwegian version for now, sorry… And I implemented some new pricing and services in a productized way. We’ll see how this goes, but I’m happy about this new approach and that it’s more inline with me transitioning to a Digital Strategy Consultant.

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Visualization and defining goals

The following week I’m going to continue with the mental training and visualization. Work on my goals and define them even more.

Got any question, just ask, I’ll be happy to answer! See you again next week!

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