There’s been some progress in a few of my ongoing projects and a couple of meetings. I have taken some small steps towards taking action this week as well, and I’ve come across another great inspiration, Stefan Pylarions. I’ve shared a video from him, and he got a lot more on his youTube page for you to check out.

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This week I had a meeting with the non-profit client to have a last look at their website. They were really happy with what we got so far, and we agreed on having everything ready for a launch right before easter.

On my way home from that meeting I stopped by one of my other clients, because I haven’t been able to get in touch with them for a while. Now I know why! They are expanding and moving their business to 35.000 square feet, so it’s quite understandable why they have been out of reach. We talked about what’s next and we had to take a turn in their current project. More work for me though, which is good!

And I’m almost finished with one of my old clients (meaning under charged project). It’s going to feel so good to be done with all of those old project. Hopefully by the end of march I’ll have everyone of them wrapped up.

I finally decided to just launch my landing page to attract restaurant owners. I’ve been waiting to have some kind of marketing guide ready, but dropped that and went with as is. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to do any kind of promotion at this time, so naturally it hasn’t preformed very well. But that’s okay, the important thing was to take action.

To another action this week and sign up to a networking event. It’s taking form as speed (dating) networking, so that could be very interesting! It’s at the end of this month and I’ll tell you all about it.

Got a meeting set up next week with a friend of mine and hopefully I will be able to work with the whole discovery process that I learnt in the $10k Bootcamp. I got a lot of ideas on how they can get more out of their website, so it going to be exciting.

My partner in our future venture set up a Facebook group this week for entrepreneurs in our region in ages 16-39. By this time we got 52 members and growing. I have made a commitment that I will be active in this group and sure enough I’ve already got meeting with one of the members. It’s just a introduction meeting, but she expressed that she might need my services later on. Looking forward to see what else this group can bring (and I don’t just mean business).

Last but not least I got a new follower on Twitter,  Stefan Pylarinos from Project Life Mastery. I have only briefly been looking through his website, but he definitely got some good stuff going on. I wanted to share a video with from Stefan. He talks about how you should not be afraid of making mistakes, and I simple love that he recorded it in his car while driving (although you really shouldn’t). It just makes sense to not wait until everything is perfect before you launch something, enjoy!

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Personal development and small steps

I am really digging into the videos from Stefan. I think I’ve become addicted to personal development and changing my life. I will continue taking small steps when it comes to taking action. This coming week I’m going to map out my morning ritual, as suggested by Stefan (

Got any question, just ask, I’ll be happy to answer! See you again next week!

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