I didn’t get around to write a post last week, so I need to make some changes! How or what can I do to get myself writing these posts every week? I don’t know the answer to that, so I will test any ideas that comes to mind. First initial thought is that I feel it’s to time consuming (is it though?) to spend 30 minutes writing. Like I’ve mention earlier I’m not used to write, so I need to get into a habit of writing.


“To spend 5 minutes in the evening to write down a journal for that day.
Basically I’ll write every day, and sum it all up in a post at the end of the week.”

We’ll see how this works and if it doesn’t… Test another idea! But let’s head back to the last couple of weeks.

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I got a lot of work done on the project that is for a non-profit. It’s close to finish and I have a scheduled meeting with them in about two weeks. I’ll have everything ready by then to go over final revisions.

I decided to make peace with the ad agency, and wrote a mail to explain why I was frustrated and that I was caught by surprise when I learned that they also was struggling financially.

One thing I learned is that I need to stop taking on project that require my immediate attention. All that does is take away my focus from what I am currently working on and I end up feeling stressed. What I need to do when I get asked to do these projects (that has to happen NOW) is to let them know when I am available to take on their project, or they would have to pay a higher rate for me to postpone my current projects.

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Had great start this week with a meeting with one of best friends. We are looking to create a business together further down the line, and it was very productive. We had talk a lot about this earlier as well, but we haven’t really committed to this idea until now. We agreed on scheduling a bi-weekly meeting to focus solely on this and we managed to  hash out a pretty good concept in our first meeting.

I also had my first call with Liam Veitch at Freelancelift and it was awesome! Like I mentioned last time this month is about defining your dream client, and I narrowed it down to three potential industries. I will decide which one by the end of this week. We came up with some good next steps and ideas on how to attract them. Looking forward to piecing this together and show you the result.

The outsourcing job went well, so the clients gets everything they asked for. Making some progress on this projects as well. Although I haven’t been able to get a hold of the client for this past week to get some feedback.

I got ask to help out to vectorize a logo that had been put together in Photoshop by a business friend of mine. He’s working on a really cool app that I think has some really good potential. In return I get lifetime subscription and a lot of praise! Went the extra mile and put together fictitious landing page, and he loved it.

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Good couple of weeks

This last week has been a good week, a lot of good things got done. I’ve also started the healthier eating goal, and it’s so freaking hard… But I know that I need to get through these two first weeks to get really into it.  I’m feeling better already though!

Got any question, just ask, I’ll be happy to answer! See you again next week!

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