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My name is Ken Westgaard and I help female course creators or membership site owners get started with email marketing, without the tech overwhelm.

Now…I get asked a lot why do I only work with women.

Well, that’s not completely true, but I have worked with mostly women and I love it!


Because they are curious, not afraid to ask questions, wants to learn new things and I love the energy they bring! It makes me feel good too!

Sorry guys, but we’re just not that good at asking for help…

But let’s get back on track.

What I’ve seen out there is that too many people focus on teaching the advanced parts of email marketing. And let’s be honest…it’s great and all, but what good is it if you don’t have the fundamentals in place? That is why I focus on teaching you the basics first, making sure you got the right foundation.

And I love it! I love teaching you how to be more confident about sending emails to your subscribers, without constantly feeling overwhelmed by the tech.

This is why my membership is a central part of by business. That way I’m be able to serve as many as possible and helping you all succeed with your email marketing.

Why I really do all of this though is so that I can have more freedom. Time to spend with my family, travel, work from anywhere, etc.

But also so that I can make some kind of impact. My personal cause is to help clean up the trash in our oceans. That is why I support businesses like 4Ocean.


Fun facts

  • I live in Norway with my lovely wife, my 2 beautiful kids and our cat Milly.
  • I LOVE TACOS! Every Friday we eat tacos.
  • LEGO is still fun! I would love to buy the Millenium Falcon, but my wife won’t let me…
  • When I need my downtime I watch movies and TV-series with my wife or kids.
  • After having kids…scary movies is not that fun to watch anymore…they literally scare me
  • Did I mention I love email marketing?!
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This is some  of my best content, so be sure to check it out! If you would like someone to talk about email marketing on your podcast, get in touch with me. I don't do a lot of guest posts, but if it's for the right audience I might be interested.

Either reach out to me through social media or click the button below to send me an email about your request.

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