Month: February 2020 Articles

How to Build Brand Power & Reach Your Ideal Audience

By using her proprietary system for creating a brand’s infrastructure, she has helped entrepreneurs break through the glass ceiling of regional and local markets and gain national placements. Zahra has worked with local and international brands to secure buyers,...

How to take control of your day when launching

"How you think influences how you feel, that influences how you act and that influences the results you get." Morgan is a habits coach who helps online entrepreneurs optimize their habits so they can level up their life and business. She is the creator of the 21 Day...

How to manage the post launch void

"It’s important to find ways to get excited, get energized" Have you just launched and are now feeling at a loss? Then this episode is for you! I discuss: How did I manage to make it to Podcast 20?Guests = contentOutsourcing Podcast Editing & Show notesThe void...

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