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Showing up and finding ‘Wins’ in a failed launch


Alice Parker

Alicia used her own experiences and knowledge to create her signature program, Beyond The Bridge, to help other women, especially single mothers, do the same.

“One of the big lessons is just showing up for the people”

Alicia Parker is a creator & strategist that has taught hundreds of women how to create their own roadmap to emotional & financial independence using a 4 Step Formula to help you identify the right (and wrong) actions to grow your career or business and build a life you’re excited to wake up to. 

After spending years in Career Management and Marketing Leadership roles, she knew she wanted to help people find & create work that aligns with their strengths and passions. When Alicia became a single mother, she realized this was more important than ever, and was determined to succeed not despite her circumstance, but because of it. The ability to create an exciting and aligned life was not a luxury, but the key to exponential success.

Topics we discuss in this episode…

  • Strategy & Paths – audience targeted
  • Utilizing Facebook groups
  • Lessons learned
  • Being consistent with messaging
  • Launching before you’re ready
  • Focusing on serving rather than the flawless execution
  • How to improve on the next launch
  • Shifting to a membership model 
  • You can have both!
  • Slowing down and testing more