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Month: May 2021 Articles

How To Show Up Confidently in Your Business and How That Translate To Marketing & Sales

"When you are truly showing up as your authentic self, that's when you become a magnet. That's when people are drawn to you." Shafonne Myers is a media mogul who created the world's only site for plus-size brides and the CEO of a top wedding blog collective. She is a...

A Successful versus a Failed Launch and the Power of Personal Branding

Simone first started her business 14+ years ago and has been known as the brand rebel. Aside from the Personal Branding MethodTM, she hosts That Brand Show Podcast, founded the MDB (Million Dollar Brand) MethodTM, a Brand School, and the BRANDED Magazine. Through her...

Highlighting the Importance of Building Your Personal Brand on Social Media

Through his persistence and hard work, Steven eventually started to establish his own brand and started to market his services online, leading to being an entrepreneur. His work has been recognized and he was voted as one of the best photographers in The Hague, his...

The Importance of Building Human Connection & Secrets to 6-Figure Launch

She has been an online entrepreneur for 14 years (since before Instagram was even a thing), working with clients to help them get results like double-digit conversions, nailing 6-figure launches, and 7-figure recurring revenue funnels. "People want connection, people...

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