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How To Show Up Confidently in Your Business and How That Translate To Marketing & Sales


Shafonne Myers

“When you are truly showing up as your authentic self, that’s when you become a magnet. That’s when people are drawn to you.”

Shafonne Myers is a media mogul who created the world’s only site for plus-size brides and the CEO of a top wedding blog collective. She is a marketing and sales business coach for business coaches helping and inspiring female entrepreneurs and teaching them how to show up confidently in their business, helping them to be able to sell premium high ticket programs and experiences so that they increase their income, impact, and freedom.

Topics we discuss in this episode…

  •  Interacting with your clients and showing up
  • The importance of personal branding and being the face in your business in making sales
  • Discovering your purpose and your zone of genius
  • Being comfortable in your own skin and showing your authentic self
  • Being upfront on your calls can get you to close more sales