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The Magic of Metrics in Launching


Donna Dube

Numbers, metrics, and analytics– they all sound scary. Well they don’t have to be because Donna is on today’s episode. She shares her experience with metrics and numbers and how you can harness that power to improve your business. 

“So when we’re looking at numbers, you want to look at 3 main areas– your finances, marketing, and operations or team.”

Donna is a certified Director of Operations, who focuses on data & measurement. She works with established online entrepreneurs who are ready to make a bigger impact and maximize their profit by leveraging the power of their data without complex spreadsheets or math. Her motto is to make data way less dull and her client’s businesses way more profitable!

Topics we discuss in this episode…

  • Why your metrics matter
  • Understanding your numbers
  • Adapting to your launch needs
  • Utilizing Google analytics
  • Tips and tricks to enhance your business


Enhance your google analytics with this dashboard: