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Month: December 2021 Articles

Brand Messaging, Purpose, and Strategy

When we get caught up with the flashy marketing trends or the competition, we often forget to connect our authentic selves to our brand. In today’s episode Kerstin is on the show to talk about YOUthentic, what it means, and being effective with your branding strategy...

Overcoming Launching Fears and How Our Brain Takes Care Of Us

If there’s one thing that’s keeping you from reaching what you want in life it’s fear. In today’s episode, Kandis is here to talk about her book and share some insights with how to get out of your head, deal with the fears you have, and allow abundance to flow. ...

The Importance Of Vulnerability

She has over 20 years of mental health experience and a decade as a yoga & meditation teacher. In today’s episode, she’s come to share her experience and tell you why the need to be honest with one’s feelings with oneself. There are many lessons you can learn from...

Blame and Responsibility: Owning Up To Your Situation

In today’s episode, we talk about connected and disconnected communication and how this relates to responsibility and blame respectively. Erica wants you to focus on rewriting these subconscious habits, patterns, and blocks so that you can have the results in your...

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