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Blame and Responsibility: Owning Up To Your Situation


Erica Wright

In today’s episode, we talk about connected and disconnected communication and how this relates to responsibility and blame respectively. Erica wants you to focus on rewriting these subconscious habits, patterns, and blocks so that you can have the results in your business that you want feeling alive and free.

“As long as you’re giving your power away to someone or something else, you’re giving up the opportunity for the lesson.”

Erica Wright is a relationship coach and connected communication specialist, who believes that in order for us to connect with others, we must connect with ourselves. She created a powerful approach to communication called Connected Communication that allows for couples and partners to get their needs met in a way that builds up trust, understanding, emotional intelligence, and rock-solid connection.

Topics we discuss in this episode…

  • Connected and Disconnected communication
  • Knowing the difference between blame and responsibility
  • Setting expectations
  • How to take responsibility for your situation
  • Why empathy and asking for help matters