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Month: January 2022 Articles

Building Resilience To Launch Stress

In today’s episode, Mikel shares with us the stresses that our body goes through during a launch and tools that we can use to help handle the stress. When we learn to build resilience to stress we can improve our physical and mental health and live happier and...

Launch Pivots, Evolutions, and It’s Lessons

Chelsea has had numerous launches under her belt, ranging from live launches to online launches. In today’s episode, we talk to Chelsea to know everything she knows about launching and some of her key takeaways from her numerous launches.  “I find that when...

Harnessing The Power Of Your Voice

Katherine has over 20 years of stage acting under her belt and she’s developed a unique coaching style to taking the words on the page and voicing them in a personal and impactful way. In today’s episode, she’s here on the show to give us knowledge on how we can use...

Overwhelm And How It Affects Your Launch

Launching can be overwhelming and these can often lead us to have feelings we don’t know how to handle. On today’s episode, Heidi is on the episode to help us explain the feelings of overwhelm, how it affects us, and how we can manage it. Knowing how to handle these...

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