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Passion and Strategy: Making a Business That You Want


Jessica Osborn

If there is one thing that Jessica is passionate about it’s supporting women and recognizing their talents so that they can build successful businesses that fit their lifestyle. In today’s episode, Jessica is here to help you see your strengths and how you can use those to build a business that you want.

“What is it that your strengths are? What are you good at? Cause that’s where your energy is. That’s where you can add a lot of value to someone else.”

Jessica Osborn is a marketing strategist and coach for women in professional or creative services businesses. She wants to help women define their unique value and space in the market so they attract the best fit clients consistently and grow through profitable services.

Topics we discuss in this episode…

  • What business works for you
  • Strategizing efficiently for your business
  • Approaching and committing to your launch
  • Handling objections
  • Jessica’s journey