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Your Most Powerful Marketing Asset- Your Voice


Heather Sager

As a coach, speaker, trainer, and host of a podcast, she’s spoken on stages around the world and personally trained hundreds of 6 and 7 figure business owners on leadership, sales, and communication. In today’s episode, Heather shares how your voice can be the most powerful marketing asset you have. How you and others perceive your voice can and will affect your business. 

“Every single time you’re talking to another person, consider it a stage and an opportunity to practice how you communicate so that you can show up more powerful.”

Heather Sager helps online entrepreneurs become the go-to authority in their industry by confidently nailing their message on live and virtual stages.

Topics we discuss in this episode…

  • Magnetic and Parrot Effect
  • Communicating your energy
  • Self-doubt and how it affects your voice
  • Handling imperfection
  • How to pitch your call to action


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