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Launch Pivots, Evolutions, and It’s Lessons


Chelsea Ford

Chelsea has had numerous launches under her belt, ranging from live launches to online launches. In today’s episode, we talk to Chelsea to know everything she knows about launching and some of her key takeaways from her numerous launches. 

“I find that when people get taught by me and they get to experience what I’m really like, it’s much more impactful.”

Chelsea Ford is a highly regarded and award winning collaboration and business growth expert, coach, and mentor. Through her powerful and purposeful network– Females in Food– and the group coaching program– Foodpreneurs Formula®, she helps entrepreneurs in the food business realise their dreams.

Topics we discuss in this episode…

  • Chelsea’s launch beginnings
  • Transitioning from live launches to evergreen launches
  • What needs to change and needs to stay the same
  • Lessons from launches
  • Chelsea’s journey