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Overcoming Launching Fears and How Our Brain Takes Care Of Us


Kandis James

If there’s one thing that’s keeping you from reaching what you want in life it’s fear. In today’s episode, Kandis is here to talk about her book and share some insights with how to get out of your head, deal with the fears you have, and allow abundance to flow. 

“It’s our mind and the thoughts and ideas that we create in our mind that is what holds us back… like 99% of the time.”

Kandis James is an author, Applied Mindfulness and NLP Certified Life & Success Coach, podcast host & leader of The YOLO Revolution. Rooted in the knowing that we only live once – Kandis helps others overcome their fears so they can do what it takes to finally live their best life. 

Topics we discuss in this episode…

  • Kandis’ book “Get Out Of Your Head And Into Your Life: A Guide To Thriving In Our Modern World”
  • Different kinds of fears
  • How fears hinder us and how to handle them
  • Quieting the mind and taking care of your brain
  • How our brain takes care of us