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A Successful versus a Failed Launch and the Power of Personal Branding


Simone Griffiths

Simone first started her business 14+ years ago and has been known as the brand rebel. Aside from the Personal Branding MethodTM, she hosts That Brand Show Podcast, founded the MDB (Million Dollar Brand) MethodTM, a Brand School, and the BRANDED Magazine. Through her different initiatives, she has helped entrepreneurs all around the world. However, not every single of her launches had been a success…

“If you’re thinking of changing a system that you’ve got that’s worked, maybe just rethink of repeating a system before you give it the bin.”

Simone Griffiths is the founder of the unique Personal Brand MethodTM, transforming invisible online and small business owners, coaches, consultants, and service-based entrepreneurs from the unknown to unleashed with their in-demand brand.

Topics we discuss in this episode…

  • Simone’s experience with launching
  • The difference between a successful launch and a failed launch
  • How to pick yourself up after a failed launch
  • What is Personal Branding
  • The Personal Branding MethodTM