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How to Build Brand Power & Reach Your Ideal Audience


Zahra Cruzan

By using her proprietary system for creating a brand’s infrastructure, she has helped entrepreneurs break through the glass ceiling of regional and local markets and gain national placements. Zahra has worked with local and international brands to secure buyers, investors, and national product placement. Her work has won international awards for her clients on platforms such as Linked In.

“Vision is the foundation for everything.”

Zahra Cruzan, founder of Brand Author works with entrepreneurs to enter mainstream markets by creating an irresistible brand. After spending nearly, a decade working and training in marketing and copywriting, for both small ventures and Fortune 500 companies, Zahra now coaches’ entrepreneurs to focus on the very foundation on which their dreams are built- their brand. 

Topics we discuss in this episode…

  • Building a brand identity
  • Customer Avatars
  • Understanding your own Core Values to articulate your message
  • Developing your WHY
  • Understanding WHAT you are doing / Developing your offer
  • Developing a logo 
  • Measuring what you are doing