Ep122 – The Formula to Launching Your Profitable Podcast

Ken Westgaard


Scale and grow your online business with fun & simple money-making launches.

Unlock the power of how to get more sales in your launch!

Online coaches, this guide is for you. Discover how you can get more sales with this simple step-by-step process you can start implementing today.

I teach online coaches how to generate more sales and scale their launches with a more consistent message they can get behind, and an offer they love, all without the fancy over complicated funnels.


I’m Ken, and that’s me in the back. The two little ones are my kids, and you got my beautiful wife in the front.

I help you become the Unstoppable CEO through proven processes used by your mentors, such as Jeff Walker, Amy Porterfield, James Wedmore, Brandon Lucero, and many more, in their 6- & 7-figure launches.

It’s time for you to get your money’s worth and your energy up.

My philosophy is simple: most launches are overcomplicated, and they suck the life out of you and cause online coaches in every niche to become exhausted, burned out, and hate their business.

I’m not having that…

There’s a better way and that’s exactly what you’ll discover when you go through the guide “The Launch Code: Unlocking the Power of More Sales in Your Launch”.

What would change if you had a messaging that you felt confident about and had an offer that you absolutely loved?!

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What if you could have a business and launch strategist in your back pocket when you need to have an extra set of eyes on your copy, or give you feedback on your sales page design, so it flows better, or when you need the energetic and emotional support from someone who gets it and who’s been in the trenches.

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