Be more confident about sending emails to your subscribers, without constantly feeling overwhelmed by the tech.

Most people talk about building your email list or that you have to have all these fancy funnels in order to sell to your subscribers. What they forget to think about is that all of that is no good if you’re constantly living in fear because you’re feeling overwhelmed about the tech or you’re afraid to even send an non-sale email to your email list. Heck, it might even be some industry words that you have no clue what even means! That’s why we need to go back to the basics!

I help female entrepreneurs who has online courses or membership sites getting started with email marketing.

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One person CAN make a difference

If you’re like me, you want to make an impact in this world. I believe that even one person can make a difference. So what if more people were to think like that? What would happen then?

That’s what I want us to do, I want you and me to be better at what we do so that we can make a change. For me that change is about all the trash that we can fin along out coastline or in the ocean. By 2050 it’s predicted that there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean!

That’s why I support others that’s doing something about it, like 4Ocean. In fact it’s as easy as buying one of their bracelets.

But none of that matters if I don’t have my family by my side though. That’s my #1 reason for doing what I’m doing. This enables me to spend more quality time with them every single day. And it should be the same way for you too.

What does all of these female entrepreneurs have in common?

They all share how they would start building their email list if they would start all over again!