Are you tired of launching to crickets every time you put yourself out there?

What if instead you could launch with an abundance of energy, structure, and knowing that your ideal customer is ready to flip out their credit card.

Most experts or gurus out there will tell you that their way is the best and only way to launch, but that is complete bullshit.

The fact is that every launch tactic or strategy works. They’ve all proven that their method works…for them that is. You see, that doesn’t automatically means that they all work for you. The thing is that you need find out what works for you, otherwise you probably going to end up feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and frustrated again… wondering why you’re not getting any sales, and is it really worth launching again. I mean… why bother, right?

Most people think that to get more sales, they have to have a big list, a huge following, or use every trick in the book, but the truth is, the real reason why you haven’t been getting the results is that you’ve felt insecure about your messaging, you haven’t felt confident about your offer, your launch felt like a total chaos with no plan, and honestly…you’ve felt drained and discouraged as you’ve gotten closer to the end.

Now, I don’t need to tell you that’s a broken strategy…

Why do you think people like James Wedmore or Amy Porterfield are having such great successful launches? It’s because they know how important it is to have a message that they feel confident, connected, and aligned with. It’s at the foundation of everything they do! They have an offer that they are absolutely in love with and they speak to the dreams their customers wants. And you know that everything they do is planned out WAY in advance. Even down to their posts on Instagram.

And if you don’t solve this, then you run the risk of having one failed launch after another… Still feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and frustrated with nothing to show for.

Don’t be ashamed! It’s not your fault!

If you’re like most struggling coaches and course creators then chances are you’ve followed every tactic out there because other experts out there said that it’s what you need to do.

But that’s OK! It’s all you knew… UNTIL NOW!

Listen, the truth is…

 If you don’t feel confident and aligned with your messaging and your offer, or if you’re scrambling to get the launch going and you don’t feel energized… you will remain exhausted through every launch.

And exhaustion is going to keep you stuck in the never-ending circle of failed launches.

Show me just one successful 6-figure launcher who doesn’t have their messaging nailed down, who doesn’t have a killer offer, or hasn’t planned out their launch, while sacrificing themselves.


That’s because they know what you may not have realized until right now.

You’ve heard how the we need to put on our own oxygen mask on first before we can help others…the same applies here. When you take care of yourself first and make sure that you have a message that you’re confident about, combined with an offer that you can’t stop raving about and top that off with a solid launch plan… you can have a launches that leads to a 6-figure business.

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Natalie Totland, Norway
Personal Trainer and Founder of NXT Level

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