If you’re done with the exhaustion, overwhelm, and launching to crickets every time you put yourself out there…

Then it’s time for you to step into the role as the Unstoppable CEO!

The old and outdated marketing tactics are not the way to launch anymore, and here’s why…

When you sign up for the waitlist I’ll share with you in greater detail how without these 4 steps your launch is going to fail.

When you have implemented these 4 steps in your launch, you’ll never feel exhausted again.


This is the foundation for everything in your business. When you nail this every piece of copy is going to be a breeze.


With an irresistible offer you no longer have to chase the customer because they’re ready and they WANT to buy.


When everything is done it’s so much easier for you to stay present and show up for your audience.


You have to take care of yourself before you can help others. This is especially true when you’re launching.

The LBC Method can be used for launching programs, courses, and memberships!

Imagine you could go into a launch and not have to worry about a thing. No emails that you need to write, no webinar slides that need to be finished, no more late nights… All you have to do is show up, perform for your audience and give them the experience they deserve. And everything will feel just so aligned because you have chosen to launch the way you want to launch. You’re Launching By Choice™…

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