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Handling Platform Censorship and Sensitive Content


Michal Greenberg-Cohen

Because Michal’s business often covers sensitive topics like porn and sex, it’s often difficult to have a launch on social platforms. So in today’s episode, she shares her experiences and how she navigates a platform that is very restrictive while maintaining your messaging. 

“I really believe that the way to success and effective business launches is to know the data.”

Michal Greenberg-Cohen creates a brave space for moms to better connect themselves, their spouses, and their teens so that they can have effective, empowered, and intimate conversations about sexual topics with their spouses and teens. 

Topics we discuss in this episode…

  • Discussing sensitive topics in conservative and open communities.
  • Sensitive topics on social media 
  • What to do when your page gets shut down
  • Not compromising your messaging
  • Michal’s launch journey