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Your Business Foundations and Your Value Ladder


Colin Scotland

It’s important for a successful business to be built on a solid foundation. In today’s episode, Colin is on the show to talk about your whys, niche, and value ladder, and steps to how you can find that. When your business has the right foundation, you’re able to communicate to the right client and customer that will remain loyal to your brand.

“When you take the things that you are gifted at– your genius, your mastery, the things you love to do and talk about. When you play in these spaces, you show up different in the world. Your energy is different.”

Colin Scotland is on a mission to extinguish the myths about marketing. He runs a marketing coaching business, Marketing Incubator Masterminds, and Awaken Creator program. He helps mission-driven entrepreneurs find their spark and never let it go so they can fulfill their potential and change lives doing what they love. 

Topics we discuss in this episode…

  • Your “why” in business
  • Finding your niche
  • The ideal client and how you can help them
  • Your value ladder
  • Colin’s journey