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Productive Systems In Your Business For Growth


Josh Fonger

In today’s episode, Josh Fonger shares how we can use systems in our business so that profit and freedom can become a consistent mechanical reality. His specialty is taking stressed-out entrepreneurs who are working in their business to working on their business. 

“When you’re doing everything, you can’t systemize it, you can’t actually build a business out of it– it’s just you and your brain. So it’s important to think about the business strategically and what would it be like to grow if you weren’t there.”

Josh Fonger is a Business Performance Architect and CEO of the WTS Enterprise. He is an international business consultant, coach, and speaker. He has helped hundreds of businesses grow simply using the WTS method.

Topics we discuss in this episode…

  • Working IN your business vs working ON your business
  • Breaking free from the yo-yo business
  • Advantages to building business systems
  • Making that transition to the system you’ve built
  • Tips and tricks to better productivity