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Creating Effective Courses That Boost Your Business


Jasmine Jonte

Jasmine, using her teaching, business, and management skills, has helped many course creators take their businesses to the next level. In today’s episode, she is on the show to give us a guide on how we can create our own courses, what we need to keep in mind, and how it will make our businesses thrive.

When building a course the question you need to keep asking yourself is ‘What do I want my students to do as a result of this course?’ Cause the results come through action.”

Jasmine Jonte helps experts turn their braindumps into world-class programs. Her Done-For-You course creation agency takes care of everything – from the big picture promise down to the last worksheet download. She’s on a mission to make learning simple and fun while saving hours for every course creator they partner with.

Topics we discuss in this episode…

  • What makes an effective course and its effects
  • Steps to course creation
  • Benefits to planning and blueprinting
  • Creating a niche community
  • Feedback and improving your course