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Utilizing LinkedIn to Create Leads


Raluca Topor

Her latest online program called LinkedIn Authority is focusing on supporting coaches, online course creators and spiritual entrepreneurs to learn the LinkedIn strategies and best practices to create thriving businesses.

“For any entrepreneurs, any online course creators, start pushing content on LinkedIn”

Raluca Topor is a LinkedIn Strategist and Career Coach helping purpose-driven coaches and entrepreneurs build magnetic personal brands by leveraging the power of LinkedIn. She founded her boutique coaching business and branding agency – Your Worth on Paper in 2017 with one goal in mind: to help others find fulfilment and happiness in their work again while getting paid what they are worth and more.

While devoting herself to her own personal development and spiritual path, Raluca has built an international firm dedicated to female empowerment, personal transformation, and has trained hundreds of students 1-on-1 and at her workshops in using LinkedIn to position themselves as thought-leaders in their fields, attract their dream jobs, new high-level clients, speaking opportunities, book deals, podcast interviews, and more.

Raluca is a regular contributor to LinkedIn. She has been featured in SD Voyager and has been a guest on many podcasts around the world.

Topics we discuss in this episode…

  • Pushing content to LinkedIn
  • The hidden opportunities within LinkedIn
  • Using closed captions to capture attention
  • Keeping it short
  • Using hashtags for your niche
  • Knowing your audiences
  • Sharing Articles
  • Building thought leadership
  • Freedom through LinkedIn
  • Finding clients on LinkedIn
  • Making an attractive profile
  • Testimonials