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Imperfect Launches


Debbie Viola

She has taught thousands of locals how to paint over the years. At the age of 61, Debbie wanted to get down off of ladders, and scale her art business. She earned about the membership model and committed to a launch date at Tribe Live in Toronto after plucking up the courage to speak before the audience to share her story. “I didn’t do anything the right way; all I did was what “felt” right for me” – “Going Live on my Facebook page while I talked about art and painted. I was convinced no one would sign up, so I was in shock”.

“I’m learning to accept my shortcomings”

Before becoming an artist, Debbie Viola ran a nine-attorney law firm in New York City for 23 years. She quit on September 11, 2001 after witnessing the terrorist attack from her office window.

Debbie began painting as a hobby, after creating a beautiful wall finish in her house. she fell in love with decorative painting and art. she had no business plan when she quit; all she knew was she didn’t want to work for anyone but herself ever again. So was determined to somehow help support her family through her newfound passion of decorative painting. And she has!! Winner of many regional awards for her art, Debbie has been recognized as a Woman of Distinction.

Topics we discuss in this episode…

  • Legal secretary to artist
  • Taking it online
  • Taking imperfect action and moving forward
  • Importance of showing up
  • Keeping membership open during covid-19
  • Imperfect launches
  • Live launches
  • Just take action!