Listen to our latest episode – Energy, Self-care, and Powerful Manifestation

Creating Effortless Podcast Launches


Courtney Elmer

She’s known for sharing simple, actionable tools and strategies you can instantly apply to create order out of life’s chaos, find your inner peace, and transform your life while experiencing effort-less success — without the stress.

“It was exciting and honestly it was my favorite launch That I’ve ever done because it felt easy… it felt light”

As a Wellness Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Stress Expert, Courtney is dedicated to showing high-achieving women how break up with “busy” and find true success in all areas of life — no hustle or hard work required.

After a fast-paced corporate career and overcoming cancer at the age of 25, she realized that life’s too short to waste any time feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and burnt out.

Now as the creator and founder of The EffortLESS Life™, Courtney specializes in helping busy women grow personally and professionally without the overwhelm and overwork.

After all, “Stress LESS, Live MORE!” is Courtney’s personal motto!

Topics we discuss in this episode…

  • Creating organic momentum
  • Building an engaged community
  • Teasing with content before the launch
  • Giveaway incentives
  • Personally connecting with members
  • Planning content in advance
  • Launch email sequence & social posts
  • Nurturing your audience by signposting
  • Making it about your community instead of you
  • Remembering there are people behind the numbers!
  • Staying consistent & Delivering value
  • The leverage behind podcasts
  • Being in it for the long haul
  • Staying ahead for contingency
  • Sourcing guests
  • Mapping out your launch strategy
  • Celebrating the wins