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Building Your Business & Personal Brand


Chris Beltran

He helps online experts become more intentional with their brand so they can gain the trust they need to charge what they deserve. Chris also teaches his students & clients his AIM method that allows them to create a brand foundation that is Aligned, Intentional and Meaningful to their audience.

“Branding is very important as far as being part of your launch, It sets the expectations of what you are going to be offering”

Chris Beltran is an award-winning Creative Director & graphic designer who has worked with some of today’s top online entrepreneurs that run six & seven figure brands such as James Wedmore, Jim Fortin, Coach Glitter and Dr. Shannon Irvine.

As a leading expert in personal branding, he has worked with notable Tedx speakers, Best-selling authors and world-renowned influencers that lead massive passionate followings.

Topics we discuss in this episode…

  • The Benefits of doing a messy Beta
  • Business Brand vs Personal Brand
  • Branding is not just visual
  • Get clear on the who/what/why of your brand
  • Perfecting the message and connecting with your audience
  • Sharing your personal side
  • Creating a brand identity
  • Mood boards
  • Creating a Brand Style Guide
  • Customizing templates
  • When to rebrand
  • Creating a branded movement
  • The importance of design collaboration