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How to Use Pinterest Marketing in your Business


Heather Farris

Her true passion is helping business owners like you craft a custom strategy to get your content in front of your audience on Pinterest so you can transform others’ lives. She is always sifting through trends, data and pins to learn more about the audiences she is serving.  She’s a multi-passionate entrepreneur always looking for ways to serve her audience better. She uses Pinterest to learn how her camera works in manual mode and finding activities to do in her new city of Tucson.

“Just Stay consistent that’s the number one key, have a good keyword strategy, work on your images over time and just stay consistent”

Heather Farris is a Pinterest Marketing Strategist with a full-service Pinterest Agency dedicated to helping online entrepreneurs scale their businesses with organic and paid marketing.

Topics we discuss in this episode…

  • What is Pinterest
  • The Pinterest Path
  • SEO
  • Creating a business account and optimizing your profile
  • Creating marketing buckets
  • Using keyword phrases
  • Using compelling images
  • Using a call to action
  • Using Canva
  • Keyword research
  • Promoting your pins & running ads
  • Pinterest audience
  • Launching through Pinterest
  • Monitoring your analytics
  • Using Scheduling tools