Why making use of a Marketing Plan will Improve Your Launch


Chelly Ontis
Chelly Ontis


“Define your brand. If you don’t have your brand defined, you can’t market your

Chelly Ontis loves to help entrepreneurs make full-time incomes from their online Brand without hiring an expensive marketing guru. She has been an entrepreneur since 1997 and runs 2 businesses online and in-person. Sharing your message (marketing) can be the hardest part and key in holding us back from our income goals.

Topics we discuss in this episode…

  • Scheduling your marketing launch
  • Making sure your message is defined for your brand
  • Plan your marketing tasks
  • Do you really need a marketing expert?
  • Posting with a purpose
  • Breaking down your marketing for a launch
  • How to choose your marketing channel during a launch
  • Do you focus on one social media channel?
  • The Entrepreneur Planner
  • The common mistakes when we market our launch
  • Don’t overwhelm yourself!


Link to freebie: https://www.chellyontis.com/webinar


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