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Why making use of a Marketing Plan will Improve Your Launch


Chelly Ontis

“Define your brand. If you don’t have your brand defined, you can’t market your

Chelly Ontis loves to help entrepreneurs make full-time incomes from their online Brand without hiring an expensive marketing guru. She has been an entrepreneur since 1997 and runs 2 businesses online and in-person. Sharing your message (marketing) can be the hardest part and key in holding us back from our income goals.

Topics we discuss in this episode…

  • Scheduling your marketing launch
  • Making sure your message is defined for your brand
  • Plan your marketing tasks
  • Do you really need a marketing expert?
  • Posting with a purpose
  • Breaking down your marketing for a launch
  • How to choose your marketing channel during a launch
  • Do you focus on one social media channel?
  • The Entrepreneur Planner
  • The common mistakes when we market our launch
  • Don’t overwhelm yourself!


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