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How to Create Captivating Copy and Messaging for a Successful Launch


Kate Dramis

She is also the founder of Copy That Converts, a group coaching program for business owners who want to craft copy that helps them achieve their biggest launch yet.

“Great copy starts with great messaging”

Kate helps online experts fill their launches and sell their offers with copy that converts. She’s a conversion copywriter for some of the top experts in the industry, such as James Wedmore, Screw the Nine to Five, Mel Abraham, Coach Glitter, and more, and has helped her clients sell millions through effective copy.

Topics we discuss in this episode…

  • The difference between messaging and copy
  • Conveying the right message
  • Methodology
  • What makes good copy
  • Is it good to use templates?
  • Recording your message to make good copy
  • Planning out your launch messaging and copy
  • Repurposing
  • Is a sales page really important?
  • Keep the message going after the launch
  • Creating demand
  • Nailing down the right message