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Showing up with Confidence and Not Being Afraid of Serving Your Audience


Lauren Claire

She coaches female creatives, entrepreneurs and thought leaders to be brave and show up in their business. Confident and authentic selling only using social media.

“First comes courage, then comes confidence. That’s what you need to remember.”

Lauren is a social media and confidence coach for female entrepreneurs who want to start a business, or have already started but are hiding behind the screen and scared to show up. She specializes in building up your confidence, channeling your inner confidence and your courage to really show up and shine online in your business.

Topics we discuss in this episode…

  • Getting rid of fear
  • Why I pivoted 3 times and why it’s okay if you’re in the same boat
  • Look at the people that you look up to
  • Think less about your fear and think about who you could help
  • How to deal with a failed launch or when it doesn’t go to plan
  • Always ask yourself about what business you’re showing up for