Listen to our latest episode – Energy, Self-care, and Powerful Manifestation

Steer Your Way To Success


Alon David

“Celebrate the small wins. Appreciate it. It will give you the push to go even higher” — Alon David

Alon David, founder and CEO of 90X®, had ambition, drive, and the dream to make something of his life. Through a decade of trials, lessons failed and successful businesses, divorce, and even hitting rock bottom with bankruptcy, he persevered and created an incredibly effective goal system which eventually became the 90X® Planner System. Today, the 90X® Planner System is sold in over 200 countries around the world, and Alon helps entrepreneurs everywhere achieve their highest goals!

Topics we discuss in this episode…

  • Focus on one big goal
  • Learn to appreciate what we have
  • Know what to prioritize and delegate tasks
  • Celebrate small wins
  • Take care of yourself