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Steer Your Business Towards Growth and Profitability


Rebecca Forst

She had a personal finance blog for just over 3 years that never took off because of her own mindset barriers holding her back. Through the inner work that she teaches, she transformed her life from the inside out, finally started making money in her new business, and just quit her 9-5. She believes that we all have a huge power inside of us that just needs to be unleashed.

“I can tweak things the way that feels good to me and aligned with me, and it’s getting me better results by listening to my own self.”

Rebecca Forst is a mindset transformation coaching helping women stop the subconscious sabotage and find their inner power so that they can take confident action in their lives and business.

Topics we discuss in this episode…

  • Why Your Mindset Matters
  • How To Use Social Media To Know Your Audience
  • How To Be In Control Of Your Own Business
  • How to Inspire Others
  • Reframe Your Negative Thoughts Into Positive Thoughts
  • Journaling