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Launches & Scaling Your Business for Success


James Wedmore

As an 8-figure business owner, James shares some of his most valuable strategies and stories that have helped countless people make their businesses thrive.

“When you’re strategic with everything that you’re doing, there is a sequential order to the product path that you have.”

When James Wedmore began his business, he was a broke bartender. Since then, he has helped over THOUSANDS of entrepreneurs become the Digital CEOs of their own successful online businesses. His podcast “The Mind Your Business Podcast” has been downloaded millions of times and with his signature program “Business By Design” he helps other course creators and coaches thrive online.

Topics we discuss in this episode…

  • Turning a one-time buyer into a loyal lifetime customer.
  • The secret weapon to having a successful business
  • How to scale your launches.
  • How to be strategic with your message and offer.
  • Business by Design


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